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Veterinary Referral Services is located within the Hamilton Veterinary Services Building, 421 Te Rapa Road, Te Rapa, Hamilton.

Referral appointments can only be made via your current veterinarian.

Please phone (07) 849 2963 and discuss your referral case with our support staff.

A faxable submission form is also available online at submission form and can be faxed to (07) 849 3023

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Ian Lion Assessment

Dr Ian R Millward BVSc (Dist.), Cert. SA Surgery, MMedVet SA Surgery (Dist.)

Ian gained his Bachelor of Veterinary Science with distinction from Massey University, New Zealand.
After working in Taumarunui for three years he worked in Essex in the United Kingdom for ten years, where he developed a surgical referral service and gained a Certificate in Small Animal Surgery from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Ian then moved to Pretoria, South Africa where he studied and worked as a referral small animal surgeon for seven years at the University of Pretoria. Here he gained his Masters in Veterinary Medicine in Small Animal Surgery with Distinction, registered as a specialist small animal surgeon in South Africa, and acted as the Head of Small Animal Surgery at the University of Pretoria for two years.

In Mid 2010 he returned to New Zealand and has been developing Veterinary Referral Services with the support of Hamilton Veterinary Services.

Ian can be contacted for referral on:

Phone (07) 849 2963  
Fax (07) 849 3023  
Email referral@vetreferral.co.nz  

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