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The Veterinary Referral Service is located within the Hamilton Veterinary Services Building at421 Te Rapa Road, Te Rapa, Hamilton.

Referral Appointments can only be made via your current Veterinarian.

Please phone (07) 849 2963 and discuss your referral needs with Staff.

VRS Referral Submission Form

For a PDF submission form for VRS please click the following link Referral Submission Form.PDF If you do not have a PDF viewing software available then you can download it from the following ADOBE site.

PDF Viewer Download

Once you have completed the form Fax the form to us at (07) 8493023

otherwise phone on Ph (07) 849 2963

or email Ian at  referral@vetreferral.co.nz



Phone (07) 849 2963  
Fax (07) 849 3023  
Email referral@vetreferral.co.nz